Apr 06

New DNN4Less Spam Filtering Solution


Now all DNN4Less customers can enjoy FREE, high quality Spam Filtering with our new solution from Spam Experts .  This solution keeps the unwanted email out and lets the good ones through so you dont have to waste your valuable time deleting these unwanted emails.  Please contact our support team at support@dnn4less.com if you have any further questions.  Current spam filtering customers will be migrated to the new system no later than April 20th.  Customers will receive an email like the one below when your quarantine has been activated.


Dear Sir / Madam,

Your domain yourdomain.com is set to auto-activate daily quarantine reporting. Going forward you'll receive such a report. If you wish to view your spam quarantine or disable these reports, please visit https://spamexperts.dnn4less.com  . If you have not yet logged in please click 'retrieve the login link' and specify your email address. You will then be sent a temporary login link where you can edit your password and control your settings for the protection reports. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Your DNN4Less Email Administrator

Email: support@dnn4less.com

Phone: 855-698- 4874 or 605-725-1102